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Master Eric K. Hermansen


How one goes about practicing is of particular importance for the intermediate or advanced student.  Practice should be a separate endeavor, differing from the creative process that is the “free work out”.  The practice session, the repetition of technique, drills, and form is like the scales and drills a musician practices.  The free work out is like the performance of the music.

While practicing techniques an effort must be made to be aware of your targets using “Focused Concentration”.  Also one needs to be attuned to the way your opponent will “react” to the technique as it is being executed.

All techniques are executed with perfect rhythm. Don’t be discouraged if a mechanical feeling is pervasive, at first. At best, practice is a mechanical process of familiarizing your subconscious using conscious awareness. Be sure to practice at a time when you are relaxed. Practice slowly, then gradually increase the tempo. Don’t speed up until you have subconscious control of the lesson.

Use your mind to maintain control, and oversee the practice session. This mental "peripheral outlook" allows for smoothness and free flowing movement.

In the “free work out” you will respond to an attack with the use of your subconscious mind, thus allowing instantaneous reaction/action to the situation at hand.  Your training will take over and use the information assimilated by your mind and synchronize with the body, providing many different avenues. Body of Mind working together in harmony.



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