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            Introducing Master...

Eric K. Hermansen


Sifu Master Eric K. Hermansen

As the Chin family taught their art only to family members, the art of Kung Fu San Soo was passed down five generations to our late Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo from his great, great, great grandfather who had learned the art from early childhood in the Kwan Yin monastery.

Those of us, who have been privileged and blessed with the opportunity to learn this art, have found that it has profound character building traits. It helps us to better understand others and ourselves with the harmony we refer to as "body of mind".

I am honored and humbled to study this beautiful art that has become me. I started training in the art under the tutelage of Master Paul Borisoff in 1986. I was awarded my black belt in 1991. In 1993 I opened my own school in Medford, Oregon. I have taught to people from all walks of life including police, military and celebrities. I have conducted seminars and demos for women crisis clinics, public schools, universities and the Britt Garden Children festivals. In 1996 I opened a school in Olympia, Washington and started teaching the art at Evergreen State College. I've currently signed on as martial arts contractor for Fort Lewis military base. In 1999 I was awarded my Masters degree.

I am committed to the preservation of the art as passed on to us by Grand Master Woo. The art is a culmination of much time and effort and has been tested and proven in combat over many generations. It is based on highly sophisticated principles of physics. It has the roots that are pure and complete. Being designed for combat, it cannot be made a sport. To mix San Soo with other styles shows a lack of understanding of the art. I am dedicated to keeping the art pure. You cannot serve two masters. In Kung Fu San Soo you are training your nervous system. If you train in another system your nervous system gets confused and you end up with nothing. Kung Fu San Soo is a gold mine. We are lucky to have found such pure system!


















                                                                                  Master Eric K. Hermansen




Mammoth Lakes, California (760) 920-7062